Neurosurgery resident, advocate, and aspiring innovator

I am a currently a neurosurgery resident physician at UT Southwestern Medical Center/Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, TX. My career goals are guided by my core belief that our Hippocratic ideals as physicians — altruism, beneficence, non-malfeasance, and justice — apply not only to our role within the clinic or operating room, but also as advocates for our patients on a larger scale.

Through research/evidence-based medicine, patient-centered communication, innovation, and policy, my career is one in which I hope to improve neurosurgical patient outcomes in more ways than one.

Aspiring academic neurosurgeon

In addition to my clinical duties providing compassionate and skillful care for patients with neurosurgical conditions, I believe that it is incumbent upon us as physicians to strive to move the needle forward in our profession, so that patients in the future may have better outcomes.

Content Creator

I strive to help patients and their families better understand the conditions that affect them, as well as demystify the field of neurological surgery for the general public and the next generation of physicians and pre-medical students. I currently write health-related articles for companies such as MyHealthTeams, promote medical education products for Kaplan Test Prep, and (try to) run my own YouTube channel.


I am passionate about helping medical students and pre-medical undergraduates achieve their passions, whether that’s through neurosurgery or another specialty — particularly for those who are the first generation in their families to enter medicine.

Need an extra set of eyes on your application, resume/CV, essays/personal statements, etc.? Looking to get research experience?

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Biggest recent milestone in our relationship: finally convincing @AmyXZheng to make a Twitter/do social media in general 😂 #MedTwitter

Congratulations to my co-intern @VamsiReddyMD on becoming a (more) published author in the field of neurosurgery! Could not have asked for a better / more accomplished residency cohort!
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Vamsi Reddy, MD @VamsiReddyMD
Excited for this book to finally be released! A true compendium collecting memoirs from over 100 neurosurgeons detailing the training, profession, and humanity of a career in #neurosurgery. Expected production by December of this year!

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